Dayton OH Trolley Fantrip Photos

Dayton doesn't have many fantrips. Primarily due to the GDRTA determining that they didn't necessarily want to have an argument that were they to rent a trolley bus, they didn't properly compete with private industry for the same work. Of course, this is notwithstanding the fact that there has not been a second potential source of an operable electric transit vehicle in Dayton since August 1956.

So when a fantrip presents itself, it is worthy of note.

Russ Schultz is Milwaukee's greatest trackless trolley fan. In fact, he's written the book. This trip was to celebrate his birthday.
The Cincinnati Transit Historical Association held an inspection of the Dayton trolley system in May 2007.
The Fall 2007 Motor Bus Society Convention was held in Columbus/Dayton. This was their fantrip in Dayton
The North American Bus Association held a fantrip with BBC 110 on May 22/23 2010
I happened to run into the Last Ride of the Flyer fantrip in August 1999, and took a few photos downtown
Several individuals came in from out of town, and the RTA rolled out the red carpet, getting 110 out of storage for an inspection tour.

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