Dayton Transit Maps

Date Map Description
1932 1932 Track Map     This map represents the trackage at the apex of streetcar operation in Dayton. In 1933, the Dayton Street Railway introduced trolleybuses, and by 1947, the streetcars were gone forever. Thanks to Don Galt and Harvey Hylton for donating the map, and Cliff Scholes for drawing it.
1974 The Way to Go RTA Map     This map represents the RTA service shortly after the Miami Valley RTA takeover of City Transit. Thanks to Don Galt for donating the map.
1996 Proposed Trolley Extensions     A similar map to this was published in the March 26, 1996 Dayton Daily News.
2000 April 2000 RTA Wire Diagram     The MVRTA wire map as of April 2000.
2000 The 1996 Proposed Trolley Extensions Updated     The Dayton Daily News published proposed trolley extensions updated with the new service additions in August 2000.
2000 August 2000 RTA Wire Diagram     The MVRTA wire map as of August 2000.
2006 October 2006 RTA Wire Diagram     The GDRTA wire map as of October 26, 2006.
2006 October 2006 Comprehensive Operational Assessment Map     The October 2006 GDRTA Comprehensive Operational Assessment Future Trolley Plans
2015 Jan 2015     The as-surveyed Jan 1 2015 GDRTA wire map.

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