Harvey Hylton's Historical Documents

Harvey Hylton is the author of a countless number of unique documents and presentations covering the transit history in Dayton OH. He has graciously allowed several of them to be posted here on the web.

Trolleybuses: A Local Legacy
This was a document submitted to the Library of Congress sponsored by US Representative Tony Hall. It has been reformatted here for web display.
Dayton Public Transit: 1870-2007
Harvey built this document, the culmination of years of research, to explain how Public Transit in Dayton grew from 1870 until 2007. It comes in two pieces: a slide show that Harvey has given several times to various groups, and a writeup which goes along with the slide show.
The Washington St Calamity
One of Harvey's favorite railroads is/was the Dayton Lebanon and Cincinnati (aka the Cincinnati Lebanon and Northern), which stopped passenger operations in 1928, but continued freight operations under the flag of the Pennsy and then Conrail until the 1980s. Harvey is a nationally renowned expert on all things trolleybus, particularly in Dayton. Imagine the fun when the trolleybus met his favorite railroad on a day in 1969

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