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Compiled by Harvey I. Hylton
(With the assistance of Don Brabson, Ed O'Meara, Thomas McNamara, Cliff Scholes, NATTA Databook II, and the MVRTA archives).

The Electric Trolley Bus (ETB) system in Dayton, Ohio, probably had more second-hand trolleys than any other ETB city. During the final lean years at City Transit, survival was made possible only by the purchase of used ETB's from other cities, where good useable vehicles were available at bargain-basement prices. (Columbus Marmon-Herrington's went for $50 each!) Some of these "boomers" were approaching 40 years service when they were finally retired, which speaks well for the durability of ETB's.

Early model Brill and Pullman-Standard ETB's were acquired by City Railway Company from the Dayton Street Railway in 1941, Peoples Street Railway in 1945, and by the new City Transit Co. from the Dayton-Xenia Railway in 1955, and the Oakwood Street Railway in 1956. Most coaches retained their same fleet numbers after transfer into City Railway/City Transit Company, as did the City Railway Marmons and Pullman-Standards after the City Railway Company became the City Transit Company in 1955.

The following list gives their original fleet numbers and from whence they came. I hope it will be useful in clarifying a confusing history.



Transferred to City Railway Company from Dayton Street Railway in 1941

19 coaches. All with 2 GE 1154 motors. (Dayton Street Railway Company initiated Ohio's first ETB system on 23 April 1933.) The Dayton Street Railway Co. had been renamed Dayton Street Transit Co. by the time it was sold to City Railway in 1941. Buses retained same fleet numbers after transfer to City Railway Co.

DST NumberYear Model ConfigurationTotal transferred
#100-180 (numbered by 5's)1933 T-40 with rear exit doors. 17
#185-190 (numbered by 5's)1935 T-40 with center exit doors.2

All except 185-190 were scrapped by 1950. 185-190 stuck around long enough to be painted for City Transit

Transferred to City Railway Company from People's Street Railway in 1945:

44 coaches. GE propulsion. People's Railway had changed their corporate name to People's Street Transit Company prior to selling out to City Railway in 1945. Buses retained same fleet numbers after transfer to City Railway Co in March 1945.

People's NumberYear Model MotorTotal transferred
1-81936 T-40 2 GE 1154 motors8 coaches
9-181938 T-40 2 GE 1154 motors10 coaches
19-401940 T-44S single GE 1213 motor22 coaches
41-441942 T-44SMT single GE 1213 motor4 coaches

Many of the T-44's survived until at least 1962 at City Transit Co. While these early Brills were originally new in Dayton when purchased by their first owners, Dayton Street Railway and People's Railway, they became secondhand when City Railway acquired their original companies.

ACF-Brill TC-44

Purchased used by City Transit Company in 1956 & 1958

10 each 1946 TC-44 purchased by City Transit in 1958, from Indianapolis, who had earlier (1953) purchased them from Fort Wayne. All had General Electric MRC controller and 1213 motor.

City Transit NumberIndianapolis NumberFort Wayne Number

These coaches were scrapped in 1969

11 each 1947 TC-44 purchased in 1956 from Little Rock, Arkansas; had GE MRC and 1213 motors.

City Transit #Little Rock #

These coaches were scrapped in 1968


Transferred/Sold into the new City Transit Company-1955 from City Railway

71 Coaches. All with GE propulsion. No change in fleet numbers after transfer to City Transit Co. in 1955.

City Transit #Year   |   Model   |   Motor# coaches
106-186 (# by 10s)1937   |   34PD-100-40CX   |   2 GE 11549
206-286 (# by 10s)1941   |   P-S lot #6650   |   1 GE 12139
306-376 (# by 10s)  1944   |   45WS-102-450S   |   1 GE 1213  8
401-445 consec. #1947   |   P-S lot #6783   |   1 GE 121345

Some 200s and 300s still at City Transit Co. in 1963 and rebuilt one last time, and were put out to pasture in 1968-69; many of the 400s lasted until 1973 at the MVRTA, and all were gone by the of 1973.

From Dayton-Xenia Railway in 1955:

13 coaches. All had a single Westinghouse 1442 motor, which led to their early retirement at the predominately-GE powered City Transit Co. Many D-X Pullman's had their fleet number changed (some twice) after transfer to City Transit Co. because of conflict with ACF/Brill #s.

12 each 1940 P-S lot #6626: (Re-numbered as follows:)

Original D-X #City Transit Renumbering #1City Transit Renumbering #2

1 each 1947 P-S lot #6783A; D-X #62, renumbered as City Transit #45 (DX #62 had also temporarily been Oakwood #35 on lease for several days.

All of the D-X coaches probably scrapped by early '60's; at least two were repainted into City Transit colors

From Oakwood Street Railway in 1956

15 Coaches. All had dual GE 1154 motors. P-S 1935 model 35F-100-38CX. Very little use after 1956 transfer into City Transit Co.

Oakwood fleet #20-34; no # change after sale to City Transit Company.

The above 3 groups of Pullman-Standard ETB's were transferred into the new City Transit Company in 1955 and 1956. While not secondhand to Dayton, they represent secondhand ownership by the City Transit Company.


Fleet #ModelBuiltPurchasedNew/UsedOriginal OwnerTheir #
501-520TC-4819491949NewCity Railway Co.501-520
521TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark631
522TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark633
523TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark629
524TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark632
525TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark634
526TC-4819481956UsedLittle Rock Ark630
527TC-4819491956UsedOakwood St Ry36
528TC-4819511956UsedOakwood St Ry39
529TC-4819491956UsedOakwood St Ry37
530TC-4819491956UsedOakwood St Ry38
531TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1472
532TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1488
533TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1487
534TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1495
535TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1493
536TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1497
537TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1486
538TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1479
539TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1491
540TC-4819511965UsedCincinnati St Ry1481
541TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co622
542TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co649
543TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co647
544TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co614
545TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co653
546TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co608
547TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co626
548TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co613
549TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co650
550TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co641
551TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co645
552TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co648
553TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co639
554TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co654
555TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co646
556TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co642
557TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co655
558TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co631
559TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co643
560TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co633
561TC-4819481965UsedColumbus Transit Co607
450-459TC-4419471947NewCity Railway Co450-459 (10 Coaches)
601TC-4419471959Used  Kansas City Public Service  2543
602TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2522
603TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2555
604TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2553
605TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2556
606TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2525
607TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2502
608TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2539
609TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2523
610TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2533
611TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2534
612TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2542
613TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2506
614TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2517
615TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2524
616TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2538
617TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2510
618TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2503
619TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2501
620TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2551
621TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2521
622TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2513
623TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2541
624TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2519
625TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2540
626TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2537
627TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2554
628TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2535
629TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2526
630TC-4419471959UsedKansas City Public Service2520
650TC-4419471962UsedCincinnati St Ry1338
651TC-4419471962UsedCincinnati St Ry1339
652TC-4419471962UsedCincinnati St Ry1344
653TC-4419471962UsedCincinnati St Ry1341
654TC-4419471962UsedCincinnati St Ry1340

Cincinnati St Ry sold 1338, 1339, 1340, 1341 and 1344 for $300 each, less tires, on September 13, 1962

All Marmon-Herrington's, except #450-459, were equipped with GE 1213 motors and MRC controls. These 10 exceptions had Westinghouse 1442 motors and "E" controls.

Most Marmon-Herringtons (with the exception of 450-459) remained in MVRTA service until the Flyer E-800 fleet arrived in 1977.

From Edmonton Transit System: 2 each HR-150-G Coaches.

In 1995 the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) purchased these two coaches from Edmonton as "gap-fillers" until the new SKODA ETB's arrived. As of April 2002, one coach (#110) is in daily revenue service; the other (#109) is parked awaiting parts. They are part of a 100-coach fleet built in 1981/82 for Edmonton by BBC. Some of these were loaned to Toronto, Ontario, but not 109/110. These coaches were moved into storage in 2004.

The BBCs utilize a GM of Canada "New-Look/Fishbowl/Dreamliner" 5307 body, with a fixed-frequency, variable-voltage GTO chopper, and DC series motor built by BBC. The propulsion package is fitted into a "cradle," the same as if the bus was diesel-powered.

They retain their same fleet numbers originally given by Edmonton. MVRTA installed wheelchair lifts at the front door prior to their use in Dayton.

NumberBuild DateModel
109Dec 19812B9-546PD-4-BE-010
110May 19822B9-546PD-6-BE-011

Several of the Dayton "2nd-hand" trolley coaches have found a 3rd or even a 4th owner--as preserved vehicles at museums, etc.

The third hand bus:

3761944 PullmanCity Railway Co  At Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, Me.  

The following coaches are presently in the hands of their 4th (!) owners, having passed through ownership at MVRTA from City Transit Co. in 1972:

4041947 PullmanCity Railway Co  Privately owned  
4261947 PullmanCity Railway CoPrivately owned in the Dayton area
4351947 PullmanCity Railway CoAt the Illinois Railway Museum, Union IL
5011949 Marmon TC-48City Railway CoIn the MVRTA Historical Collection
5151949 Marmon TC-48City Railway CoAt Carillon Park, Dayton OH
5591948 Marmon TC-48Ex-Columbus #643, City Transit/MVRTA #559.
#559 was the MVRTA "Fall" , then the "Santa" Bus.
Is now the "Santa" trolley at the San Francisco CA Municipal Railway
6041947 Marmon TC-44ex-Kansas City #2553
City Transit/MVRTA #604
Now at the Ohio Museum of Transportation, Lakewood OH

Data for this saga came from Don Brabson, Ed O'Meara, Thomas McNamara, Cliff Scholes, NATTA Databook II, and the MVRTA archives.

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