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The Oakwood Street Railway Company

The Oakwood Street Railway had a single rail route that extended from the southern limits of Oakwood, a municipality located at the south edge of Dayton, through the Dayton Central Business District (CBD), and then across the Great Miami River to a nearby loop in Lower Dayton View.

While fairly prosperous because of the heavy traffic generated by the National Cash Register Company (NCR) factory on Brown St, which kept operating through the depression, OSR also had worn out trackage and old rail cars. Seeing the success that the DSR was having with their new ETBs, OSR converted their rail line to ETB operation on January 19, 1936.

The OSR originally purchased Pullman-Standard coaches, which were dark red with gold trim. This fleet of 15 was augmented in the 1940s by four new Marmon-Herrington TC-48 coaches. In 1956, OSR merged into the new City Transit Company (CTC), which had metamorphed the previous year from the City Railway Company. With this merger, Dayton finally had one consolidated transit operating company.

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