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Dayton Trolleys
Greater Dayton RTA
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ETI 9819 northbound on Jefferson near Second on June 22 2015. Many ask whether the 5 is trolley or not. Generally the morning 5 seems to be a trolley most days. Mostly the afternoon 5s are diesels. This day the afternoon 5 was a trolley. As to the location, this 5 came into WSP from Main eastbound. Trolleys which do that have a choice once they exit WSP. At this point the driver can go around the block Jefferson/Third/St Clair/Fourth and back into WSP westbound. Or go north on Jefferson and loop via Monument to Ludlow. I've noted several terminating evening 7s head back to the garage by coming east on Fifth, north on Jefferson to WSP, go thru westbound, and then south on Main, saving 15 minutes.
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